How Should I Prepare for a Home Appraisal?

How Should I Prepare for a Home Appraisal?

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A home appraisal is the process where an expert formulates an opinion on the value of your home. Home appraisers are certified and licensed specialists, whose main job is to inspect and value the worth of your property and home. The evaluation process takes into consideration multiple factors including location, price of comparable homes in the area, condition, and features.

You may not be able to control the appraiser’s evaluation of your home, but you can prepare for the appraisal and in doing so increase your chances of the value coming in where expected.

Here are a few good tips to get you started.

1.Clean, Clean, and Clean Again

Cleaning your home is probably second nature to you by this point in the selling process, keeping your home spotless for open houses and private viewings was important but completing a deep clean prior to an appraisal is a must. A clean looking and smelling home will positively impact your appraisal.

Don’t consider this just another clean, look at removing scuff marks from walls and baseboards, filling any scratches on hardwood floors and pay extra attention to areas of your home you may overlook during your regular cleaning process such as inside of closets and cabinets and in corners.

2.Complete Small Touch Ups

You probably did a once over your home prior to putting it on the market, like adding a fresh coat of paint, completing any small fixes such as changing old light fixtures and repairing that leaky faucet. But you may need some minor touch-ups prior to your appraisal. Walk around the home and note any small fixes that you can do.

3.Go Outside

The outside of your home will provide the first impressions to the appraiser, walk up to your home and think about how to spruce up the curb appeal. Look to clean up the landscaping, depending on the season this can include pruning plants, cutting grass, and removing any plants that are not thriving. Also look to clean the outside of your home, cleaning your windows and pressure washing your driveway and any walkways to add that extra shine.

4. Consult Your Real Estate Agent

The appraised value of your home has a large part to do with how it compares to comparable homes that have recently sold in your area. Your real estate agentwill be able to compile a list of homes that have recently sold in your area and for how much. They will also be able to see other homes that are for sale in your neighbourhood as a comparison. Your real estate agent also has a ton of experience with appraisals, so they can help you with the pre-appraisal walkthrough to help point out areas that need attention.

When preparing for your home appraisal keep in mind the buyer has already decided they like your home as is, you are not trying to entice someone to buy but you are trying to leave a positive impression. There is no need to pay attention to anything that is working properly, put your efforts where they can improve market value.

Your real estate agent isn’t just there to help you find a buyer, they are there to ensure the deal is closed, use their experience and knowledge to ensure you get the best appraisal possible. After all, if the appraisal comes in below expected you may need to find a new buyer.