What Do I Need to Know Before Moving?

What Do I Need to Know Before Moving?

If you have moved in some time or if this is your first-time moving residence, it may seem like you are about to take on an overwhelming task. You have probably found yourself searching online for answers to questions such as what should I consider before moving? Is there anything I must know about moving? What are the important steps that can make moving easy? This may even be how you came across our article. We will start by saying these are all common questions that many people look into when moving. So, try not to get worked up over your move, because we are going to highlight some key moving essentials below:

Have a Moving Checklist

A moving checklist refers to a list that highlights everything you need to do when moving. Apart from ensuring that your move is organized properly, a moving checklist also prevents you from missing some essential steps during the moving process. Include as many items as you can think of on your list, from transferring your internet services to getting moving supplies. It is impossible to add to many items on your list.

As you create the checklist, consider adding a timeline with each task. This will assist you with completing each task on time.

Get Mentally Prepared

As you start preparing for your move, you should have it at the back of your mind, that moving is a herculean task. You will need to deal with time constraints, relocation challenges, as well as financial issues when moving. All these problems will make moving process a bit stressful for you. This will not be a big issue if you are mentally prepared for the challenges ahead. After all you may have the perfect moving experience without encountering any challenges, but being prepared for any mishaps will ensure the process goes smoothly.

Budget For Your Move

Moving comes with certain financial implications. Therefore, you have to estimate how much it will cost you to move, so that you can set a clear budget. Consider all expenses, both big and small to help make sure your estimation is as precise as possible. If you are having problems with estimating the cost of moving, lean on your support team for their advice, this can be a friend that recently moved or your real estate agent as they have dealt with many clients moving.

Declutter Your Home

The truth is that many items in your home are no longer useful, and really don’t need to make the move with you. This is the perfect time to declutter your home, and streamline your belongings. You can categorize all items in your home into different areas as you are packing. We suggest 3 categories:

  1. Keep – These are your belongings that are going to make the move with you.
  2. Dispose – These are the items that are broken or that are worn out and have no real value
  3. Donate/Sell – These items are no longer useful to you, but they may be to someone else. You can sell these items online or with a garage sale or donate them to a charity such as the Salvation Army.

By clearing out the items you do not use any more, you will be able to save some storage space in the new home, it also reduces your packing time, and you may even make a few extra dollars.

You May Need Professional Movers

Depending on the size of your move and how comfortable you are with lugging around boxes and furniture, you can take on the move yourself with perhaps the assistance of friends and family members. However, the final result isn’t always as expected as items may get damaged and timing may not be as planned. Hiring a professional moving company to take care of the process will not only ensure your belongings are moved safely and in a timely manner, it will also reduce the stress and burden on your friends, family, and yourself.