5 Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Property

5 Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Property

5 Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Property

So, you own an amazing property with a nice house and porch. But at the same time, you are thinking about whether or not to sell it. And if you are a responsible homeowner, you might ask yourself what home improvements add value to a property. 

Rest assured, we’ve asked top real estate agents about this topic, and we’ve shared their insights with you. So, read on to find out which home renovations add value to your home accordingly to real estate agents. 

1. Invest in your front door

Real estate agents say that the major component of any property is the front door. This gets a lot of attention from prospecting buyers, and in most cases, it is the first thing that gets noticed. 

So, the first home improvement you need to consider so that you boost your property’s value is replacing your front door. Of course, you can make simple improvements, such as repair or a paint job. No matter what you opt for, investing in your front door is a sure way to increase the value of your home.

2. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Another way to better your home’s appearance and improve its worth is by applying a fresh coat of paint. It would be best if you started with your house’s exterior. For this, you can clean your walls with a high-pressure hose and see whether or not the dirt is removed. If you notice that there is little to no improvement, you can apply a fresh coat of exterior paint. 

This will change the curb appeal for your entire property. And you can do the same for the interior. Opt for a neutral colour or even white paint. This will add a lot of style and make your house appear bigger. It is best to avoid aggressive colors such as red or flashy yellow. Real estate agents say that a warmer, neutral palette makes buyers decide faster which property they want to purchase.

3. Transform your attic into a functional area

If you want to add value to your property, you should consider repurposing your attic. This conversion will significantly increase the price you can ask for your house. An additional room can be used as a bedroom, home office, or even a relaxation room. And real estate agents say this can be a deciding factor for many young families that need plenty of space for children. 

4. Tend to your yard’s needs

Of course, selling your property doesn’t mean you need to leave your yard unattended. A clean landscape can improve the curb appeal of your property significantly. Thus, you should trim your yard and remove any dry plants. It might be a great idea to add some pots with fresh flowers near the entrance. 

5. Improve your basement’s status

Lastly, but not the least important, prospective buyers will look at your basement. This means that if you have a damp and odd-smelling basement, they most likely won’t consider purchasing your property. Hence, if you are looking for an efficient home improvement that will add value to your home, it is best to do some maintenance in this area. Repair leaks and check the status of the insulation. Also, you can ask for the services of a professional to assess your basement and suggest the best approach.